Concept /

Case Study / None Profit Project
Role / UX, UI, Web Design, Graphic Design

Food Step is a nonprofit organization that takes action to reduce food waste and wanting to help out our community. We turn organic food waste into fertilizer and help out our local farmers to grow more healthy produce. Each week we will also show up at the local farmers market to connect organic food waste from the public and give out free fertilizer to the public. With the public donation will help us keep our organization running and we will use it to help out the local farms.

Problem /

In the US most of the popular supermarkets we shop at, sales the beauty contest winner fruits, meats and other food product with the right packaging and labels. 30% to 40% of growing food we don’t get to see them before they got sent to the landfills. The water and energy used on those produce all goes to waste. After it decomposes in the landfill, it also creates greenhouse gases.

Solution /

Food Step helps the local farmer and bring food scraps to good use. Also asking the homeowner to help properly dispose of food scraps for the good of our environment start from their own home by turn it into our yard fertilizer. Also, provde food scrape service at all the local farmers market around the bay. Let us create an environment-friendly farm and bring good and healthy food on to the table.

Target Audience /

Age: 25 to 44
Gender: Both Male and Female
Marital Status: Married (Mostly), Single

I’m focusing on the target audience who goes to the farmers market. This is people who tend to care more about what food they get and primarily to purchase fresh produce. The foods are different from the packaged foods or pre-pick vegetable. People who live in a household, they will be doing their own gardening.

Persona /

Age: 25
Status: Married
Occupation: Engineer
Location: Fremont, CA
Technology: PC, iPad, Android

User Case & Goals
I want to know how much food is enough and not over buying.
Feeding my daughter always end up with leftover and food onto the floor.

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Bring your organic food waste to our stand at the farmers market. We will give you a bag of fertilizer that’s made from organic food scraps. Together let us keep food waste out of the landfill.

The fertilizer is made from organic food waste and package with the bio-degradable coated bag.

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