Concept /

Case Study / IOT Product
Role / UX, UI, Prototype, Product Design, Branding

Chewmoni is a baby monitor that help parents monitor their baby’s movement and knowing when they are awake or crying. The monitor looks like a roly-poly toy and acts like one too. Baby can play with it and chew the ears as a teether. While waking up before parents go into the room, the LEDs inside of the monitor will slowly light up to help the baby get into a better mood. Parents can also to talk to their little one from the App through the baby monitor. From the App, parents will be able to select song or sound and play through the baby monitor. Chewmoni is an IoT product that connects parents and baby.

Problem /

Parents not knowing how’s the baby doing when they are not in the room. So, parents have to go in and out of the room to check on the baby, when making sure if baby sleep well or not might also waking up the baby. During night time, it’s hard for parents to see the baby’s face without some light. Baby Woke up at night and start crying.

Solution /

This app will give parents the flexibility to control the baby monitor from their phone, play music, talk to the baby and option of controlling the light. The sensors inside the baby monitor will help the parent to know when the baby is awake or crying and get a notification sent to their phone.

Features /







Monitor the Baby /

Target Audience /

Main Target Audience
Parents are the main target audience who will use this app to monitor their babies. The user will have a smartphone connect to the internet. It will be easy for the parents to bring around and check on baby while away or in a different room.

Secondary Target Audience
The Chewmoni monitor is designed to be baby friendly and playful. The baby gets to chew on its ear as a teether and play with it as a roly-poly toy. At night, when baby wakes up at night, the LED inside the monitor will slowly light up to keep them calm.

Persona /

Age: 30
Status: Married
Occupation: Housewife
Location: Union City
Technology: Macbook Pro, iPad, iPhone 7 plus

User Case & Goals
Monitoring the baby from the smartphone, easy to bring around.
I want to be alert if the baby is awake while I’m not in the room.

High-Level System /

Low-Level System & Prototype v2 /

In the second prototype, I connect the Arduino to the Raspberry Pi to test run the Neopixel ring for one of my use case. The Neopixel sensor is connect to the Arduino, everything else are function and control by the Raspberry Pi.

Taskflow /

Wireframe /

Monitor the Baby

Sleep Records


Monitor Page

Ionic Prototype Screenshots /

Monitor the Baby

Sleep Records


Monitor Page

Sleep Records


Video /

Product Detail /

The prototype of this product was built with both Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

Wireless Charging Stand /

Branding /

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