Concept /

Case Study / AR Game
Role / UX, UI, Branding

Bears AR Fun is a hide-and-seek augmented reality experience made for young kids to play with family and friends. This app gives kids a chance to create and draw their own bear. In the AR environment, kids feel like they are playing in a real environment, but with make-believe friends. The more they play, the more levels and items that will be unlocked.

Problem /

Nowadays, about 98% of parents have one smart device or more than one, and about 88% of parent let kids play with their smart device. There are many app and games on the market, but what really help the child grow and develop become a problem.

Solution /

This game brings a creative process into a mash of real-world experience and augmented reality experience for young kids. Encourage kids to create their own character within the game can help them develop a creative mind, playing video games can sharpen a child’s mind. This game will bring kids together and play in the same environment. So, there won’t be a problem playing with strangers and don’t have to play alone. It can also challenge the kids to draw more when seeing their friend’s drawing.

Target Audience /

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Benefits /

From Playing with other kids promote social skills and help kids learn how to negotiate, cooperate, and share. There are study show video games makes a child’s brain sharper. Encourage kids to be creative can help them develop a more artistic way of thinking, challenge them to think more. Smart tablets have become more popular in preschool and early-years learning.

Persona /

Age: 9
Occupation: Elementary School
Location: Vienna, VA
Technology: iPad, iPhone 7 plus (Owned by Parents)

Finding friend’s bear in AR environment.

Wireframe v1 /

Welcome Page

Theme Page


Game View

Game View

Game View

Paper Prototype User Testing /

Main Testing Result
Task 1: Sign Up
Make it simple for the kids, just a name to create an account.
Task 2: Create a Bear
Use color and symbols can be a better guide for the kids.
Task 3: Hide the Bear
A tutorial and voice over to show how to hide the bear and others.

Mock Up v2 /

Taskflow / Create a Bear

Taskflow / Hide the Bear

Video /

Branding /

App Icon /